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Further research into attraction and body language conducted at Loyola Marymount University even went so far as to examine the effect that direct eye contact has on attraction. The researchers came to the conclusion that men who looked a woman directly in the eye, especially while communicating, were perceived to be more intelligent, confident, and attractive than men who failed to maintain eye contact or only used limited eye contact.

At this point, it’s worth noting that men who pretend to be someone they’re not are easily red-flagged as pretenders. A study carried out by Queen’s University found that sexual attraction is linked to the way men move their bodies.

Men who move in a natural, healthy, fluid way are more attractive compared to men who move unnaturally. As a general rule, it’s always better to move naturally as opposed to moving in a way that you think will make you look more attractive.

Attempting to quantify the impact that body language has on attraction is no easy task. Nonverbal cues, however, are so powerful even the most casual observer can get a sense of a man’s personality simply by watching the way he moves. A study carried out at Durham University showed a series of video clips of 26 students walking around campus.

Some of the students had loose, relaxed gaits, while other students had tighter gaits. After watching the students take only a couple of strides, the participants who viewed the footage rated the students with relaxed gaits as more confident, extrovert, adventurous, and attractive compared to those students who walked with tighter more “clipped” gaits that created the perception that the person was more neurotic, introverted, and unattractive.

The moment you demonstrate control over your environment and your body is the moment you command respect. One notable study showed that drivers, when parked behind a high-status car (such as a Porsche or Mercedes) at a set of traffic lights, were much less likely to honk their horn at the vehicle in front of them if the vehicle was high-status.

The explanation for this phenomenon is due to the level of respect high-status vehicles confer on their owners. People are more respectful and cautious around high-status people. In this particular experiment, the researchers drew the conclusion that if a person was driving an expensive car that person was more likely to be high-status. Furthermore, high-status people usually wield greater influence and power, and as a result, they’re more likely to be able to retaliate and confront aggressors with a greater degree of force than the average citizen. Similarly, understanding how to project status and value through body language is an important skill to acquire. Open body language that demonstrates confidence and control over your environment is sure to leave a lasting impression on women.

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